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In Lombardy you can learn to ski for free

Open days: 2 days of free ski courses for adults and children!


Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th December, during the "Open Days" the ski schools (alpine and nordic) and snowboards in Lombardy offer free lessons for everyone!

The professionals of the Lombard snow will be available for free group lessons of 2 hours dedicated to children, adults and beginners in the disciplines of alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, snowboarding, telemark and even for children with disabilities.

Joining the Open Days is simple: just contact the nearest Ski or Snowboard School and communicate membership; the school will provide all useful information.

December 16 and 17

AMSI Lombardia - Aprica (So), Corso Roma 150
Info and contacts:  0342-746383

These are two days, those on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 December, during which the snow professionals of Lombardy will be available for free group lessons of two hours dedicated to children and adults, in the disciplines of Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, Snowboarding and all the others connected (telemark, disability, freeride) and for all technical levels. There are over 60 schools participating in the two promotional days.

The Open Days initiative aims to bring the broader public closer to both snow and sport in the mountain areas of the Lombardy Region. In this way the Lombard snow professionals intend to promote the territory in a particular magical period of the year, the winter one with the mountains covered in white, favoring the knowledge of the localities and the Ski Schools (Alpine and Nordic) and local Snowboards.
The activity promoted is not only that of the approach to the sport of skiing, in its various disciplines and specializations, but also that of safety education on the slopes, a theme of particular sensitivity and relevance.

It is therefore an interesting opportunity for mothers and fathers who want to bring their children closer to the snow, to sport and to the splendid mountain resorts of the Lombardy Region, and for themselves to acquire from the first ski notions to the more advanced ones. An opportunity therefore to understand how a ski lesson takes place (Alpine and Nordic) or snowboarding in the snow and to encourage the flow in schools, giving way to a safe season thanks to snow professionals.

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