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Trento Spring break, between history and nature

Flexible holiday in the Trentino capital with many experiences to live!

da 42,50€

Trento, in the heart of the Alps, has a thousand-year history, made up of Central European tradition and Italian culture, the testimonies of which are visible in the beautiful historic center and are perfectly preserved, age after age, in the archaeological sites and museums of excellence that the city hosts.


Discover the history and culture of the city of Trento, its palaces and churches in the company of an expert guide! Furthermore, for the entire duration of your holiday you can take advantage of the Trentino Guest Card, the pass that allows you to visit for free, or at a reduced rate, over 60 museums and castles in the area (on the days and opening hours indicated by them, in relation to containment of Covid-19) and enjoy free public transport throughout the provincial territory.


The holiday is flexible, you can book a hotel for one night, a weekend or even several days and you can participate in guided tours on Saturdays or Sundays.




Price starting from € 42.50 per person (€ 85 per room per night). Supplement for each additional bed or single room. Tourist tax not included.

From April 24th to May 31st

Trentino Guest Card is a pass that makes your holiday easier and richer, with many benefits for both adults and children. With the Trentino Guest Card you can, for the entire duration of your holiday:

-freely use public transport in Trentino, including trains, only for journeys with origin and destination in Trentino

-access more than 60 museums, 20 castles and more than 40 attractions

-taste local food and wine products and buy them at discounted prices

-enjoy over 60 activities throughout Trentino at a discounted rate

-receive discount codes to reach Trentino with Flixbus and MarinoBus

APT Trento, Monte Bondone, Valle dei Laghi - Trento, Via Manci 2
Info and contacts:
Tel: 0461-216000    -   0461-947128




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