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"Le Signore delle cime - Storie di guide alpine al femminile": from Mont Blanc to the Dolomites, ten women tell their mountain. Of Chiara Todesco.

The book, 60 pages, just out in the bookstore, can be a small Christmas present for those who are fond of mountains.

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-Libreria Monti in Città, Milano
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-VEL, La Libreria del Viaggiatore, Sondrio

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-Libreria dello Sport, Milano
-Libri e Libri, Monza
-Libreria La Buona Stampa, Courmayeur
-Libreria Café des Guides, Aosta
-Libreria A' la Page, Aosta
-Cartolibreria Brivio, Aosta
-Cartolibreria Del Curto, Chiavenna
-Libreria Piccolo Principe, Morbegno
-Edicola Bormio - Cleosolemoda, Bormio
-Libreria Ancora, Trento

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"The ladies of the peaks - Stories of female alpine guides"
Ten women tell their mountain from Mont Blanc to the Dolomites

Author: Chiara Todesco

Ten portraits, many memories, adventures and anecdotes: the book reveals the stories of women's mountain guides. Tell what mountain means for them: home, respect, attraction, harmony, emotion, passion, love, authentic values. A solid relationship, innate for those born "mountain", a discovery for those who have arrived on the mountains from the city.
All of which are depository of the true authentic values ​​of the mountain.

The introduction reads: "Guide women climb rock walls, granite, dolomites, cliffs and frozen waterfalls. They have been on the peaks of the whole world, on the ice of our Quattromila and also on the Himalayas of the Himalayas. They make canyoning and ski mountaineering, some are ski instructors too. A continuous challenge that reconcile with their role as a woman, wife, in some cases a mother ".

Through the stories of female guides, the book also highlights what it has meant in the past and what it means today to be a woman in a purely masculine environment such as mountaineering. A theme - that of gender difference - today more than ever of current events.

The preface is by Lorella Franceschini, Vice-President of the Italian Alpine Club.

First edition: November 2018.


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