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Family Promotions


Discount lift pass for euro 15 in Val di Rhemes

20% discount in the Aosta Valley ski station. Print the coupon!

15€  19€
20% Off


In order to print this coupon you must login first or register HERE

Offer exclusively for Scigratis users in Val di Rhemes, Valle d'Aosta, in the Gran Paradiso National Park.

A beautiful valley and a perfect area for families, but not only.

By printing the Scigratis coupon and delivering it to the plant coffers you can have a discounted 20% daily adult skipass: only € 15 instead of € 19!

All season, except Sundays and Carnival period from February 28th to March 9th

The coupon is nominal and non-transferable. It can only be used once per person during the winter season at the only ski resort in Val di Rhemes within one month of the printing

Val di Rhemes - Val di Rhemes (AO),
Info and contacts:

Val di Rhêmes, during the winter season, offers the skier a peaceful and never crowded environment.

The area is suitable for both children and beginners as well as experienced skiers. There is a treadmill to take the first steps in the snow and the Chanavey-Philippein chairlift, with four seats, reaches a height of 2107 meters and serves a blue, one red and one black track.


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