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Free skiing day with Dominik Paris in Val d'Ultimo

Two opportunities to meet the skiing champion on the slopes!


Who chooses to take a holiday on the snows of the Val d'Ultimo can ski for free with a champion like Domink Paris and more ...

Here are the two opportunities not to be missed:

- 23 March: "Red Bull" descent on the Dreimandler slope in the Schwemmalm skiing area.
The Red Bull Descent Free format provides a hundred people at the top of a track that, running together for about 50 m with just the boots on their feet up to the arch indicating the start, put the skis as soon as possible and launch downhill as fast as possible following the route. The aim of the competition is simple: the winner is the one who arrives first at the finish line.

- 25 March: Skiing on the slopes of the Schwemmalm skiing area with two of the most enjoyable winter sports champions! The champions Dominik Paris and Siegmar Klotz, originally from Val d'Ultimo and two of the greatest protagonists of the world of alpine skiing, will take you to the discovery of the slopes on which they grew up. The skiers, as well as giving you valuable suggestions, will also show you all the tricks to feel, at least a little bit, of real ski champions.

March 23rd and 25th

Comprensorio Schwemmalm e Associazione Turistica Val d’Ultimo-Proves - Val d'Ultimo (BZ),
Info and contacts:  0473-795390   0473-795387

Snowy landscapes, sunny days and warm temperatures, the beauty of nature and the courtesy of the people, this is the Val d'Ultimo in South Tyrol, surely one of the most authentic alpine valleys, which has retained the charm of once, combining it in harmonious way with modern tourist and sporting facilities.

The Val d'Ultimo is a side of the Adige valley that stretches for about 40 kms from the Merano basin to the high mountains of the Stelvio National Park. It is therefore not even an hour's journey by car, a mild climate characterized by orchards and vineyards, to the foot of the eternal ice in the Alps.

About half of this route is the Schwemmalm ski area: 25 km of snow-covered slopes, perfectly prepared for skiers, snowboard enthusiasts, carving lovers, but also for beginners and children. A four-seater chair lift leads up to 2,600 meters, from where you can enjoy an amazing panoramic view over the entire Alpine world. A unique experience, but also a challenge for those who want to face one of the longest ski slopes in South Tyrol, are 5 km of the Asmol track that exceeds a total elevation of 1,100 meters.

25 kilometers of slopes for all the abilities and tastes, guaranteeing snow and sun: the family ski area is a real jewel for all those who want to enjoy their descent in peace, caressed by the proverbial South Tyrolean sun. The longest track is five kilometers and covers an altitude of 1100 meters. In the middle of the Schwemmalm ski area there is the ski and snowboard school and the "Bärenhöhle" kindergarten park with animators present throughout the day. The beginner facility allows everyone to learn to enjoy the curves in the snow

The Val d'Ultimo, perhaps because it manages to combine as a few other ancient places values ​​with modern facilities, is home to numerous skiing champions. Dominik Paris, for example, the last winner of the Kitzbühel descent, the most difficult in the world, lives in this valley

Skiing is therefore home to Val d'Ultimo. And in a sample environment you also feel a bit 'champions. This is the peculiarity of the Schwemmalm ski area.


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