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What is Montagnagratis

Skigratis in winter, Montagnagratis in summer


Skigratis is the first independent website specialized in discounts and deals for skiing and winter holidays in the european Alps with more than 100,000 monthly visits and peaks of 6000 clicks per day, an increase of 15% each year (data certified Google Analytics).
Several media wrote about Skigratis, including newspapers and television stations (see "Press" section on website).
During the summer season, on May 1st of each year Skigratis gives way to Montagnagratis: same concept of saving, but instead of skiing and snow, deals and offers concern outdoor activities and summer holidays in the Alps.

Top deals every day, including social networks!


In times of crisis like these, people are always on the hunt for more offers and promotions, even last-minute. Skigratis website (online from October 1st to April 30th, and then give way to Montagnagratis summer version) gives visibility to the most interesting deals and discounts offered to the public by all alpine operators: tourism associations, hotels, shops, rentals, spas, sports clubs, ski schools, ski company and everything falls on a holiday in the mountains.
All deals posted on Skigratis website are discounted 10/90% off. Offers are updated daily and are divided by type: you can also search discounts by resorts and date, and be informed about the best deals through weekly newsletter and on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, daily updated.

How to take advantage of deals and discounts


Most of the offers are public, so to get them you just apply directly by the operator that proposes: when you pay he will automatically apply the discount. Other promotions (identified as "Offer with coupon") are reserved exclusively for registered users of Skigratis and Montagnagratis. In this case, to use them you must register online (in one minute and it's free). After that, you must print the coupon related to the proposal and present it to the operator, who will apply the agreed discount.

Skigratis and Montagnagratis: the alpine deals websites!


Do you want to spend a weekend in the mountains... with a last-minute deal?
Want to ski... when the lift ticket is discounted?
Looking for a traditional hotel... with a special offer?
You have to redo the wardrobe... provided it is on sale?

Click on Skigratis e Montagnagratis websites: there's certainly the right deal for you!

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